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Cotton mill "Ak yupek" is located in Turkmenistan, in the city of Tejen of Akhal region. The factory is one of the first private cotton-spinning mills in our country and today the factory produces carded cotton yarn of the ring spinning method (ring with a card) and carded cotton yarn of the pneumomechanical spinning method (Open End). Ecologically pure Turkmen cotton of various types and varieties is used as raw materials.

The following technological equipment is installed in the factory:

  • 1 blow room line of the "Rieter" company (Switzerland);
  • 22 carding machines of the "Rieter" company (Switzerland);
  • 5 draw frames of the 1st transition of the "Rieter" company (Switzerland);
  • 6 draw frames of the 2nd transition of the "Rieter" company (Switzerland);
  • 5 roving frames of the “Toyota” company (Japan);
  • 17 ring spinning machines of the "Rieter" company (Switzerland);
  • 8 bobbin winding machines of the “Murata” company (Japan);
  • 5 open end spinning machines of the "Rieter" company (Switzerland);
  • a set of laboratory equipment of the "Uster" company (Switzerland).

The cotton yarn produced at the factory is of high quality and is in great demand both on the domestic and international markets. The whole production cycle is supervised by qualified specialists, including foreign personnel. The quality is paid special attention, as the main buyers of various types of yarn (from Ne 12/1 to Ne 30/1) are the largest textile enterprises in Turkey and Europe, where from our yarns they produce a variety fabrics and garments, respectively.

The company employs about 200 employees, for whom created all the necessary social conditions, including free meals, transportation and medical care.

The capacity of the factory for today is 2 thousand tons per year, but in the near future some work is planned for developing and for expanding the production capacity due to the modernization of the park of technological equipment. After the modernization, the export capacity of the factories will increase significantly, which allows satisfying the demand of more customers.

Our production

Ring carded and Open End cotton yarn, various numbers from Nm 20/1 (Ne 12/1) to Nm 51/1 (Ne 30/1) by customer order.

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